Hvox Full Ultegra Disc

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Our famous aerobike with disc brakes. We could just adapt disc brakes to the frame, but we wanted to improve the bike. We take the “an exceptional ride” very serious and that’s why we had to change some construction details to improve the ride experience when riding disc braking systems. We shaved some grams in this process to keep the bike well balanced. It’s a versatile aerobike and can perform in all circumstances. Sprint, triathlon, long climbs and long technical descents the Hypervox can do it all.


The aero advantages from the first generation of the Hypervox, now with disc brakes. The revised design accommodate the same aero performance but with the discs. Special carbon layout to lower the weight and to eliminate better the braking forces. Minimal wind contact area. The famous Kamm-tail tubes and internal cable routing were the simple formula to cheat the wind. We also smoothed the tubes and bonding areas to make it. The seatpost keeps the Kamm-tail design to maintain the aero advantages. We kept the winning geometry in each size.


  • Disc braking system offers modulation and allows extra tyre clearance.
  • Improved carbon layout to keep the low weight and to eliminate the braking forces.
  • Integrated aero seatpost.
  • Tuned rear stays for control and compliance.
  • Internal cable routing and truncated Kamm-tail tubes.
  • Oversized downtube and BB for maximum power transfer and aero advantage.
  • Smoothed head tube to reduce the frontal area to improve the aero profile of the frame.
  • Specific fork offset for an advanced tuck position and ideal racing geometry.
  • Fast and aero cockpit.
  • UCI-approved.
  • Bike weight: 7.450gr (size M, without pedals).
Frame Frame swiftcarbon SWIFTCARBON FULL CARBON TORAY T800/T900
Headset Headset fsa FSA ORBIT C40 ACB 1"1/8-1.5
Handlebar Handlebar easton EASTON EC70
Stem Stem easton EASTON EA70
Bar Tape Bar Tape fizik FIZIK MICROTEX SL
Seatpost Seatpost swiftcarbon SWIFTCARBON HYPERVOX
Seat clamp Seat clamp swiftcarbon SWIFTCARBON
Saddle Saddle fizik FIZIK ANTARES R5
Left Shifter Left Shifter shimano ultegra SHIMANO ULTEGRA ST-R8000
Right Shifter Right Shifter shimano ultegra SHIMANO ULTEGRA ST-R8000
Front Rotor Front Rotor shimano ultegra SHIMANO ULTEGRA DISC
Rear Rotor Rear Rotor shimano ultegra SHIMANO ULTEGRA DISC
Front Deraileur Front Deraileur shimano ultegra SHIMANO ULTEGRA FD-R8000
Rear Derailleur Rear Derailleur shimano ultegra SHIMANO ULTEGRA RD-R8000 11S
Bottom Bracket Bottom Bracket fsa FSA BB-PF6000/CZ/I
Crankset Crankset shimano ultegra SHIMANO ULTEGRA FC-R8000 11S
Chain Chain shimano ultegra SHIMANO ULTEGRA CNHG90111
Cassete Cassete shimano ultegra SHIMANO ULTEGRA SPROCKET CS-6800
Front Wheel Front Wheel vision VISION TRIMAX CARBON 40 CSI
Rear Wheel Rear Wheel vision VISION TRIMAX CARBON 40 CSI
Tyre Tyre hutchinson HUTCHINSON FUSION 5
Tube Tube hutchinson HUTCHINSON TUBE
Digital Manual Digital Manual swiftcarbon DIGITAL USER MANUAL
Pen Drive Pen Drive swiftcarbon PEN DRIVE
Drawstring Bag Drawstring Bag swiftcarbon SWIFTCARBON DRAWSTRING BAG


Cyclist height (cm) 165-170 170-178 178-184 184-190
Saddle height (cm) 66-70 69-73 73-78 77-81
Reach (mm) 376 382 388 394
Stack (mm) 503 526 549 572
A Top tube length (mm) 521 537 553 570
B Head tube length (mm) 107 130 147 170
C Seat tube angle (º) 74.1 73.7 73.3 72.9
D Head tube angle (º) 71 71.3 72.6 72.9
E Bottom bracket (BB) Drop (mm) 70 70 70 70
F Chain stay length (mm) 408 410 410 412
G Wheel base (mm) 980 993 997 999
H Front center (mm) 528 593 587 598
I Fork length (mm) 368 368 368 368
J Fork offset (mm) 50 50 43 43
K Seat back (mm) 134 145 155 166
Trail (mm) 63.2 61.3 60.5 58.7


"A dab of the brakes and a dropped knee saw it dive into tight corners only to emerge at breakneck speed."

"The Hypervox is a fast bike purpose-built for racers. Stiff and reasonably light with very sharp steering and handling, strong, aggressive racers will delight in every aspect of this bike."




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