While we love seeing our bikes racing at the highest level, we realise there’s a multitude of levels between the junior ranks and the UCI World Tour. We believe that if we’re supporting top tier riders, it’s only right to be helping where we can at the levels leading up to the ‘limelight league’. 

The NRV Cycling Academy is a cycling school based in Valongo, Portugal, spearheaded by Rui Vinhas, former Volta a Portugal winner and part of team @w52fcporto.

We all remember our first bike. It was a way to get around fast, visit friends and explore. For many, it was a first real sense of freedom, and still represents that feeling. The bicycle is something that should be part of every child’s growing up. The initiative promotes and supports cycling youngsters up to 18 years old.

NRV provides healthy lifestyle opportunities and foster a taste for sport. What follows is the sharing of the coaches’ vast experience, steadily developing the length and breadth of skills required to succeed on and off the bike plus talent spotting and the development of athletes.

If any NRV athletes make it to UCI World Tour level, all the better. Even if not, it enriches the lives of all those involved. It’s not just about turning riders in pros. Cycling has taught us all some irreplaceable life skills.

The squad will ride Ultravox frames for 2020. We are proud to be on board!