Meet Team SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling’s 2020 squad

There’s something special about the beginning of a season. The cycling calendar lies ahead and is dotted with opportunity, and the team and staff are fresh and ready to grab them with seemingly unbreakable enthusiasm.

Standing at the 2020 SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling team presentation in Yorkshire was a row of unbridled potential - a line-up combining youth and experience.
In 2019, Britain’s youngest UCI team punched way above its weight. In year one, this Continental outfit were seen in the thick of the action at some of the world’s biggest races, returning coming home with real hardware (and soft cuddly toy bears dressed in miniature KOM jerseys). Year two begins now and founder Paul Lamb, founder of SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling stays true to his core beliefs.“When we started the team, our main goal was to identify and develop talented young riders. The team gives these athletes a platform to perform, enabling them to move to the next level.” It’s a noble cause indeed, and Lamb has already proved he has an eye for potential, and a deft hand in directing it. Buoyed with last year’s success, momentum is on the team’s side, as well as a wealth of experience to help accelerate it.

An important component that supports the team’s philosophy is recruiting experienced riders and staff. “They are able to pass on their knowledge and experience, which we believe creates the right environment for success, says Lamb. This kind of thinking is directly in line with the inclusive and innovative approach that today sets the forward thinking teams apart from the rest.

Another spin off is the inspiration of the youngsters - it’s an achievable stepping stone to the big time 
Advocacy initiatives are a vital part of the team’s ‘inclusiveness’. Using the platform and the resources available, the team will be launching initiatives close to the heart of the leadership members. These include Bike 4 A Bike, Show Us Your Bottle, Re-Tyred and Kitted Out! 2019’s star riders James Shaw and Jake Scott have moved on and this paves the way for fresh blood and a change in dynamic. Lamb says, “I am delighted with the 2020 line up we have put together. We have a fantastic blend of experience and young potential. This season we have recruited riders who have gained massive experience riding in Europe and I am excited to see what the squad can achieve”. Regardless of the quality of the field (most notably at Tour of Yorkshire and Tour of Britain) the team goes into every race with big goals. “Our ambition for 2020 is to continue to progress and build on the success we had in our first year as a UCI Continental Team in 2019. In every UCI race we rode in last year, we won at least one major competition and animated races with our attacking flair. ”Already the team showed their minerals at season opener Grote Prijs Jean-Pierre Monseré with 4 of the team finishing in the front group. Irrespective of the outcome, the riders will no doubt continue to ride with courage and without fear. Team morale is vital to success - if riders are happy and are having fun as a team, success will follow. The team’s aim is to continue to ‘punch above our weight’ both on and off the bike.  

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