It’s not every day an Olympic medalist comes to visit!

Henri Schoeman, one of the world’s top triathletes dropped by at HQ in Porto, Portugal. We showed him around, taking him though the design process, production, painting, customisation and assembly, right where his race bike - the HyperVox - was put together.

Of course he was very interested in seeing his future race machine (the new RaceVox) to be put to the test soon. 

Being a world-class athlete, his massive engine needed turning over, so he loved the opportunity to spend a couple of days out on the bike in the northern region of Portugal, training in the mountains of Serra D'arga and resting at Hotel FeelViana, a luxury sports resort in Viana de Castelo.

While Schoeman is preparing for the major triathlons events of 2019, his main focus is on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, where he seeks to improve his already superb performance in Rio 2016 - the bronze medal. 

We were lucky enough to join him on a training ride (he slowed down for us) on the beautiful back country roads in Portugal and we managed to snap some shots. 

It was fun to hang out with this world class athlete, to be inspired by his ambitions for the future, and especially to get valuable feedback on our bikes! 

We too are #alwaysracing