Aero bike built without compromise. We design our bikes around performance and we know aero is not all about speed. The SwiftCarbon aero bike adds stiffness and handling being suited to climb as well. Not only for sprinters, but one of the favourites for triathletes as well. 

Our flagship bike and we are so proud of it. Dream handling with racing pedigree. Light, precise, fast and stiff. Designed to race is part of the SwiftCarbon identity. Above all, this is a bike that has its own DNA and once you ride it, you know this a special bike that is suited for all conditions.

The endurance bike is for long days in the saddle, that anyone can jump on. A versatile bike designed to deliver comfort with the correct balance. “Built for endurance, and it’s fast enough to race”. Our endurance bike does it all, equally well, offering the best balance between comfort and control, perfectly complementing SwiftCarbon's road range.

With SwiftCarbon time trial bike you’ll feel fast on every ride. Neurogen was designed for high speed cruising and have been proven by the best athletes around the world, at the highest level.

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