This weekend we joined some friends in the Quinta da Pacheca, Lamego - Portugal. In the heart of the Douro vineyards, the idea was to do a test-ride of next year's Douro Gentlemen's race. We brought some samples to test and took the opportunity to take some shots to promote the next year event. We'll take the opportunity to display our new bikes. The participants will have the opportunity to test some of these remarkable bikes. Since our European headquarters' are only 1h30 away, we had to be here too.

About the event concept
It's a team race that emphasizes the beauty and discovery of roads, while also the camaraderie between the riders. Teams of 3 to 6 riders will depart in a TTT-style at a stagger. Teams must ride as a pack, the full distance of the route.

About the route
Around 100km with 2500 d+ of climbing in some of the "roads less travelled", only used by farmers to access their "quinta". Steep climbs across the vineyards landscapes, the S and switchback descend along the so famous N222, or how it's known "the most beautiful road in the world".

About the experience
Most cyclists ride familiar routes with familiar people, nonetheless riding a new route with your friends is a rare thing. You won't learn anything new about your friends during the DGR, but you'll realize how much you know about them. A new world of emotions will be felt, yet not necessarily said. Don't expect to know everything about the ride... expect to know about where and with whom.

About the region
The Douro Wine Region Valley is the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. The river carved the deep valleys out of the land and then man transformed the schist mountains into soil and walls and planted the vines, green in summer, flame-colored in autumn.