SwiftCarbon announces its sponsorship of triathlete Vanessa Pereira, the first Portuguese woman to qualify and to finish the Ironman World Championship. For SwiftCarbon, this partnership "arises as part of the brand's commitment to its TT bike, Neurogen, designed to optimize the athlete's performance and performance. Being the brand now based in Europe and has already sponsored Vanessa between 2011 and 2014, this bet is part of the brand's strategy for its national and international promotion". The triathlete has an enviable global track record, including the Ironman National Record, the victory in the Long-distance World Championship, top 10 of the World and European Championships of the Elite Long-distance Triathlon ITU and the five titles of Long Triathlon National Champion. For Vanessa Pereira, SwiftCarbon's sponsorship is “the return to a brand that has given me so many successes and for which I look forward to returning with enthusiasm”.