Special Crash Program

1. Special Crash Program

1.1. Only a SwiftCarbon owner knows what “an exceptional ride” mean. You spend a lot of time with your SwiftCarbon and we know accidents happen and things get damaged. We’ll be there for you. If you have to replace a non-warranty damaged frame or part, we provide a Special Crash Program so you can be on a SwiftCarbon again.
1.2. In case of an accident or severe crash, SwiftCarbon offers a Special Crash Program to replace your damaged SwiftCarbon frame with a reduced cost. 
1.3. This program does not include training accidents resulting from other vehicles or from mis-use or mis-handling of the SwiftCarbon bicycle or frameset. 
1.4. The SwiftCarbon Special Crash Program will be reviewed on a case by case basis in order to offer a fair deal to the costumer.
1.5. All handling or freight costs associated with the sending of the frameset or parts are excluded from the Special Crash Program and will be supported by the customer. 
1.6. To use the Special Crash Program please fill in our Crash Replacement contact form here.
1.7. The Special Crash Program is limited to the original owner and to damages that compromise the functionality of the bike. 
1.8. SwiftCarbon reserves the right to suspend this service if we detect that the damage has been caused wilfully or it is of a merely optical nature. 
1.9 The offer depends on availability of the frame and parts.

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