Geometry lesson
— it’s not just about the angles

Find out what makes a SwiftCarbon bike a SwiftCarbon bike

History Lesson

How it all started

Why is the
bike blue?

Inside the mind of a graphic designer

Our new paint for
this season — Green

Our paint formula: Reduced environmental impact, maximum visual effect.


In our quest for the ultimate cycling experience we always aim for an exceptional ride quality, in all our bikes.

We believe that ‘fast’ is not just about speed, it’s as much about how a rider feels when riding our bikes.

Road Bikes


Our latest edition ushers in the next generation of bikes. The RaceVox balances responsiveness and compliance with aerodynamic features (including smoothed off lines, recessed bottle cage and integrated cables). SwiftCarbon’s ride quality DNA runs deep. 


Ride quality

Our ‘fast is more than just speed' philosophy is as much about empirical data, like stiffness to weight ratios and drag coefficients as it is about how a rider feels when riding our bikes. 'Ride quality' is everything, making sure the cyclist feels at one with the bike.